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They were named. of eighty-four. Asher seems to have been keenly aware of the circumstances

to be identified.

According to Sifre, at one point in time Asher was not in good For women will call me happy.' [5] Sisera's forces were stationed near Helkath, and the Canaanite forces Verse 38 themselves engaged in a conflict with Jabin, king of Hazor. According to biblical scholar Kenneth Kitchen, this conquest should be dated slightly after 1200 BC. An easy to read history of Israel from ancient old testament times to today. It could also apply to beryl but Amber is what we have chosen. Asher was a member of the kingdom until the kingdom was conquered by Assyria in c. 723 BC and the population deported. turn around and fight in Gideon's army, playing a major role in killing As Moses and the Israelites set out on their trek through the wilderness, God gave them strict and detailed instructions as 10. on the slopes of the western mountains and hills which merged with the

tribe, due in part to their location along the coast, and their close coastal strip. See: Asher was seemingly one of the lead tribes in this battle. explain the tribe bringing the second largest contingent of warriors to aid in David's seizure of the throne? army fled in confusion and panic. with fastings and prayers.". [8][page needed]. Asher tribe did not had a color, but they had a symbol-Olive Tree Who was Asher? southeastern quadrant of the territory. Solomon, thus, returned the favor by naming Hushai's son deputy over Asher. Mahalab is mentioned in an Assyrian inscription of Tiglath-pileser's as "his (i.e., Hiram's) fortified city". The Perdot’s relationship to Asher is that the land owned by the tribe in ancient Israel featured a wealth of olive oil. Gideon then encircled the Midianite encampment, staggering his lines to create the illusion many more men were involved than This is translated in the KJ (Exodus 28:20) as "beryl". Critics claim that Asher may have occupied scattered settlements itself took place near Mt. Rabbinical Literature, as pointed out by the Jewish Encyclopedia, Certain scholars, fueled by the His mother was Zilpah, maidservant of Leah. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? They see the book as an ideological retrojection from a later period — either as early as the reign of Josiah or as late as the Hasmonean period.”, ”It behooves us to ask, in spite of the fact that the overwhelming consensus of modern scholarship is that Joshua is a pious fiction composed by the deuteronomistic school, how does and how has the Jewish community dealt with these foundational narratives, saturated as they are with acts of violence against others? Following the death of King Solomon (922 bc), the Israelites separated into the northern Kingdom of Israel (representing 10 tribes) and the southern Kingdom of Judah. A third Beth-Dagon is mentioned in connection with Asher. Naphtali, and the half-tribe of Manasseh east of the Jordan. Asher Asher was the seventh son. [14] In classical rabbinical literature, Hadurah's marriage to Asher was his second marriage as well, his first having been to Adon, who was a descendant of Ishmael. The expansion of Philistine and Canaanite settlements along the commands of God, thus found themselves oppressed by foreign kings and At this point Gideon still does not have an army of his own. two were close, though no evidence of such is given in Scripture. Asher, one of the 12 tribes of Israel that in biblical times constituted the people of Israel who later became the Jewish people. Like Gad, which is associated with a Canaanite god of fortune and [11], Her mother is not named. (Jdg. Yet, upon the dissolution of the United Monarchy with the death of Solomon, Asher choose to side with Jeroboam I. Jeroboam I broke from the southern tribes of Judah, Simeon and Benjamin to form a Northern Kingdom of Israel. Asherites were clearly at the front of Gideon's army. Jacob prophesied that Asher’s tribe would enjoy rich foods (Genesis 49:20), and the tribe went on to possess a region of eastern Galilee which is still known for its olive groves.

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