Sorry, but you don't lose two mass measurements. Thanks for all the pics by the way. It is not often that you come across a buck of significant caliber without at least having a couple of pictures of him. Roger, this one is 145" gross, 143 6/8" net Waterlooboy, remember if he has at least 10 points and any kind of tine length I think you'll make your 130", I'm no trophy hunter,the one pictured is my biggest and only one I ever had measured, so this info is coming from someone not very experienced in the large antler category, just got lucky once. It's very rough but a decent way to get an idea. When I saw this one, he had his head down and was turned away at 100 yards. The pic submitted by PSUhoss is a great example of what Knife2sharp was trying to say...PSU's buck is wide and high but is "just over 130" because it is an 8 point...great buck PSU!! 139 whitetail. hes a clean 8 and i thought for sure he was way more than that when I shot but it is true an eight has to be exceptional to be over 130. I am going to hunt a game farm this fall. Most 8 pointers will not book, let alone make 130". Within minutes of snapping the picture, you can have a score of the deer before he even offers you a shot opportunity! Seriously these are some nice bucks compared to where I'm used to hunting. He grosses over 165"s and has 7.25" base on left antler and over 6" base on right antler. He stated that I needed to account for shrinkage and discrepencies among various scoring officials, too. in life, when the buck is moving, air in his lungs, and approaching your stand, a 118 will look like a 140, so be careful. kids under 12 are free. The results are posted below. Something I've never done before. Most of these pictures are accurate for score but some must be using a very inaccurate tape measure or just flat out have no idea how to score... 132 gross. Knive hit a major point in that a 10 pointer will score 130 way quicker than an 8. In an ideal encounter with a buck, you would receive frontal and side views, allowing you to judge, in inches, how much the main beam may be skewed from the side view. I'd shoot them any day of the week. So WLB, how is the hunt going this season? Same stand one day apart I. Follow along with each tip in order to find out how to properly field score a whitetail! As I posted this deer nets 133"s as a typical. Where I hunt in Ne most 3.5 year olds that are 8 pointers are going to be around the mid 120's. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Here is a 8pt my brother shot when it was still alive. After you estimate each of the antler measurements for one side of the buck’s antlers, you are ready to either score the other side or you can take a shortcut. Grossed 137. I bet the owner does no what a true 130 looks like. the best way to judge a 130 buck is with your bow still hanging on the hook. You can use that for comparison on tine length. 139 whitetail. I can't read since this started 4 years ago. While some whitetails are clearly “shooters”, as a hunter, you might often find yourself encountering a buck that is on the border of “shoot” or “don’t shoot”. Too many people seem to get tripped up with scoring deer on the hoof (myself included). By the time I got the camera on him he had started to move. So what is the difference between gross and net? Just knew it was a buck I would be proud of. This one is a little over 120 gross and 6 1/2 y/o 28in neck, add some decent G-4's and you would have a 10pt 130 class deer. The easiest point to reference tine length is the ear base to tip measurement. BC. They are the furthest from the reference points but also can be subject skewed estimations based on view angles, or when additional points on the tine are present. I signed a lease today. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The participation in the quiz will also reward you with a 50% off a subscription to the BuckScore® app. This put’s the buck into the 120-inch class, but more specifically the 120-125 range. 130" shot near Marshfield, Missouri on family farm. The picture below shows the example buck exceeding the tip to tip measurement, therefore by estimating how many inches wider the antler extends beyond we can roughly estimate the buck’s spread to be around 19 – 21 inches. Remember most size restrictions are based on gross scoring not net, so you have some lee way, but as others have said, to make it with an 8pt would be 1 of the "binoculars not needed" deer but any decent 10pt should make it in most mid western areas. Would love to know how this lease worked out anyway. The average measurements of how many inches each reference feature is will help you get a very accurate estimate of the buck’s score. When field scoring deer, your best reference point to get an idea of the frame size will be the buck’s ears, eyes, and nose. 130" deer whether it is gross or net is a very nice deer most anywhere! Same rack configuration. This isnt his cape. Note that the example pictures and steps below are walking you through scoring first the inside spread, but also just one side of the buck’s antlers. 32+95=127. 134 4/8 gross, 129 1/8 net. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. however i do agree i will never let an 8pt like that walk ever. By taking this shortcut and adding the measurement of the spread credit, you will arrive at a rough estimate of the buck’s score. Just got this one on 11/8. Unofficial net score, 129" and some change. This buck’s tines can roughly be summed to roughly 18 inches. Am I okay as long as it grosses 130? The third and fourth circumference measurements are around ¾ the size of the eye so can be estimated to be around 3 inches. Test your ability at field scoring whitetails by taking the BuckScore® field scoring quiz. You guys have some really nice bucks!, These scores alone will put it in the mid to upper 90's alone, then add on the mass measurments. In the case of this buck, the main beam is significantly longer than the ear and eye to nose tip measurements combined. We then add the 19-21 inch spread credit of the buck to come to a rough estimate that this buck’s score is 121- 124 inches. You will watch a quick video encounter with a buck and be given 4 multiple choice options of scores. for you to show you how gross and net can be way different. Shawn. Big 9 Point Buck, 130 Class, East Texas, Montgomery County, … Eye Circumference – The circumference of a buck’s eye is a good reference point in roughly calculating your four antler circumference measurements. Also remember that a buck's rack typically looks a lot bigger from the rear. 14 years of deer hunting. Come to the conclusion killing a 130 inch deer in my part of SC is more an accident then a skill! Do any of you have some pics of 130 class bucks? It's harder to take a good book 8 pt but they're out there. Never ground checked this one but it’s the only 130” I have on my phone. Eye to Tip of Nose – The center of the buck’s eye, to the tip of his nose is a good reference measurement when estimating main beam length. Wow, I bet they are related Shawn, assuming it's from the same area. For an 8 the spread should be past the ear tips, and G2's and G3's should all be over 8", and the brow tines atleast 6". hunt forever 05-Dec-08. Ben's buck above will deduct for having a ninth point. A 130" deer still looks pretty big to me. My will power is strong. Combined the reference points equal 14-16 inches, so this deer can easily be estimated to have a 19-20 inch main beam measurement. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Tine lengths, while they may seem easy, are actually quite difficult to estimate. But the owner seems really cool and the property is located in a really good spot. Sometimes it's better to shoot a 115 - 120" 4.5yr old than a 125" 2.5 yr old. The sum of the example buck’s circumference measurements is 14 inches. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Pope & Young minimum is 125, for reference, and that takes a VERY nice 8-pt to make it, or a solid, decent 10. Waterloo: I would show the LO this thread and pics and see if this is what he was thinking or more in the 120" range. A little over 135 in this picture before he broke his brow tines. After you have referenced your initial measurements you will be ready to start field scoring the buck. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. He grossed in the low 130's. Not many 8 pt. where is your lease? Tasty too! It looks like net is always less than gross. Congrats! I haven't put a tape to him yet, but this one should be mid 130's gross. The one on the right I never scored, it was a rifle kill taken in the same season. PY. This is going to be tougher than I thought :), The one on the left is 135 gross 126 2/8 net. Note: Be aware that significant “upturned” main beams or, for instance, when the main beam sweeps in and is close to touching tips with the other main beam, will potentially skew your estimates. After you read through the blog, test yourself with the BuckScore® Field Scoring Quiz. Those are some great bucks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. You can practice field scoring pictures or videos of known bucks, or you can get ahold of the BuckScore® program. Ear Base to Tip – The ear base to tip measurement is important when figuring not only the size of the tines but the length of the main beam. these are all definately in the solid 130 range. The camera is a Sony HDR-CX760V with a Raynox DCR-2025Pro 2.2x Telephoto Conversion Lens. A net 130 is a good deer anywhere in my book and that the one that counts.HUNT. The article below will walk you through how to quickly and effectively field score a buck. While it is not used often, the ability to field score deer is still a very important tool to have. i used it for a larger set of horns that i have becouse he was huge. I would match your "good money" for video of someone snoopy-punching roger in the suckhole. 16x2=32. No matter where you hunt, some bucks have more potential than others, and you'll never know if you don't let 'em grow. Today’s advancements in trail cameras have tremendously cut back on the guesswork and these questionable encounters. If he looks like a 140"+, then shoot! I figure if everyone else is holding out for the 130 or better the hunting should be pretty cool. Is it pretty easy to tell a 130 incher? This allows you to reference the measurements of the ear (7-8”) and eye to nose tip (7-8”). The first step in this process is establishing your reference points. You will need them in the steps below. You need some mass and good tine length to make it there! If this buck would have had 2 more tines at 3 inches in length he would have been in close to 140. Gross is the total amount of antler before taking off for lack of perfection. By using our website, you accept our use of cookies. Beam length is easiest to estimate from the side angle or 90 degrees. I didn't realize how good he was until I watched the video later. By estimating how much longer or shorter each tine length is (G1, G2, G3, G4, etc.) He will be lucky to make 125 net. The reference points include: Ear Tip to Ear Tip – Ear tip to ear tip is a very important reference point in determining the buck’s spread. You also cannot see two of his points in the pic because of the angle. Out of these co Like Knife2sharp said, it would take an exceptional 8 to make 130. In the case of this buck, the main beam is significantly longer than the ear and eye to nose tip measurements combined.

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